Johnny Zostant is an officially endorsed artist at GHS Strings!!  Family owned and operated and all strings made right here in the USA!!  Johnny plays GHS Boomers!!  Check out his artist page on the official GHS website by clicking on this link


Hey, I'm Johnny Zostant! I am a 14 year old guitarist, singer & songwriter based in Charlotte NC. I play a fusion of rock/metal/blues, and just straight up rock-n-roll of any kind and I also do studio work for many artists in many different musical genres! I have been playing and performing for about 5 years now and I am dedicated to doing this for the rest of my life! I started playing guitar at about 8 years old and never looked back. I have played shows in all types and size venues from NYC to L.A. including coffee shops, pizza places, pubs, dive bars, outdoor festivals and even some pretty cool and famous places like the Whisky A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and I have opened up for touring bands and artists like Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Don Jamieson (VH1's That Metal Show), Saliva, TRAPT, Wayland and many more! I bring the same full on energy and passion to every performance no matter the size or location! I love writing and performing original music, as well as adding in covers of songs that are always crowd favorites- after all, its all about putting on a great show and getting the crowd rocking right! Hope to play a show near you soon and I hope to see ya' out there!

Johnny Zostant is a VIP Ambassador and Dream Team Member for Cali-Strong USA.
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